Multi-room Audio

Immerse yourself in your music

Whether it's subtle background music to soothe away the stress of the day, or your own mix for your next party, music is life. Effortlessly play music in any area of your house, inside and out. Audio Everywhere solutions, from Haven & Wire, enables you to store all your music in one location and fill your home with beautiful sounds.

Music tailored for every space

Touch screen controls allow to you interact with your music easily. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers reduce the clutter of boxes, wiring, and other audio components. Indoor and outdoor speakers allow you to enjoy your music virtually anywhere. With user-friendly keypads and mobile devices for greater flexibility, each room or area may be independently controlled to select music and volume.


Music lovers rejoice

Highly efficient speakers deliver a crisp, clean sound. You can also add a subwoofer for even greater depth. A single music server stores all your music including crystal clear, high resolution audio. Integrate your existing audio equipment allowing for centralized storage, easy back-up, and distribution of your entire music library. Enjoy a multitude of sources, including: satellite radio, digital audio files, CDs, and more.

Featured Technologies

A new level of clarity. Stream your music as it was meant to be heard


Your own music library accessible throughout your home


Music is to be heard and not seen with speakers that blend into each room's decor.

Let's explore new audio frontiers...